ZERO by Melo Labs, Zero Nicotine 2000 Puff Plant Powered Disposable

$ 14.95

The Zero, by MELO Labs, is a plant based vape that contains absolutely zero nicotine but satiates oral fixation.  This product is non-habit forming, delicious, and guilt free; Zero is made simply to stimulate dopamine receptors.  The manufacturer actually calls them aromatherapy diffusers, but for shipping purposes they still have to be shipped as "vape mail".  Zero Plant Powered Puffs have a 5.4ml tank that is rated conservatively at 2,000 puffs and a non-rechargeable 850mAh battery.

Although there is no tobacco or nicotine in these, they do contain Natural and Artificial flavoring, and flavor extracts.  Here's a full Zero Plant Powered Puff Flavor List:

  • Arctic Peach (Icy Peach)
  • Green Punch (Monster Drink Flavor)
  • Heaven (Banana Honeydew Smoothie)
  • Jolly Berries (Mixed Berry Strawberry Hard Candy)
  • Magic Mint (Icy Spearmint)
  • White Gummy (Pineapple Gummy Bear)


Powered on initially by one tap, then inhale as needed.

Zero Plant Powered Puff No Nicotine Vape


What's In The Box?

1 x MELO Labs Zero 2000 Puff Zero Nicotine Plant Powered Vape

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Tracy Everett

Enjoyed the flavor

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