Vaping Products Shortage from Coronavirus February 25 2020

This notification is to let our valued customers know that despite ordering heavy amounts of all of the products manufactured in Asia, the Corona Virus had caused not only delays in production but more importantly a shortage of carriers accepting shipments.

It is our understanding that even prepared shipments are being sprayed and quarantined in China and/or Hong Kong prior to export, and then again repeating this process as the finished goods enter US Customs.  Therefore, from February through March 2020, we are expecting INDUSTRY-WIDE shortages of products.  We apologize for any inconvenience but assure you we are sourcing products through every available avenue, even in many cases paying higher costs just to have inventory.

As of last week, the Wall Street Journal is reporting outgoing ships leaving China at 10% capacity (  Most vaping products are coming in via air on DHL, but the carriers are still suffering a lack of workers and enhanced scrutiny on all shipments leaving the country.

The good news is that all of our Juice (e-Liquid) is manufactured in the USA using all USA ingredients, so there will be absolutely no shortages in that segment.

Best Regards and thank you for your business!