Elfbar is changing their name to EBDESIGN due to Lawsuit. March 13 2023

Elfbar has formally changed their name to "EBDESIGN" due to a trademark lawsuit filed in the Southern U.S. District Court in Florida by VPR Brands.  VPR Brands, who has previously sued other companies for either trademark or patent infringement, claims to have rights to the "ELF" brand for vaping items in the United States.  Judge Aileen Cannon has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the importation of "Elfbar" labeled products despite the name being different from "ELF".  Furthermore, VPR Brands' "ELF" device is a cannabis cartridge device and is not designed for nicotine users.

As of 2023, Shenzhen iMiracle Technology Co. Ltd., the parent company of Elfbar, is the largest manufacturer of disposables in the world and their attorneys have already appealed the ruling.  However, VPR Brands has also sued all of the master distributors in the USA and they have enacted a cease and desist selling all products marked Elfbar.  This affects not only the original BC5000, but also:


The New Funky Republic Ti7000 and the Lost Mary MO5000 were intentionally manufactured with only the Elfbar logo but do not feature the word ELFBAR anywhere on the packaging and therefore is unaffected by pending litigation.


iMiracle Technology Co. Ltd. has already rebranded all USA bound products with the "EBDESIGN" but will continue to market their products globally as Elfbar, as well as continue to litigate the use of the name in the United States.



Elfbar branded vapes will continue to be available until supplies are exhausted and retailers have not been targeted by the litigation.  Consumers will need to acclimate to the new EBDESIGN name as well as be extremely cognizant of conterfeit brands that will use this opportunity to create clones that will use the BC5000 and other EBDESIGN model numbers.  Almost all EBDESIGN/Elfbar authentic products will feature a hologram of the logo above as well as a scannable barcode that will take you to the appropriate verification site (which varies by brand and model).  We have noted several exception where authentic products have arrived without the hologram / scan code, specifically Funky Republic Ti7000 and New Years Eve / Limited Editions of BC5000.

Elfbar Verification Code

 Lost Mary Verification Elfbar EBDesign


Big D Vapor will continue to sell only 100% authentic EBDesign products as an authorized reseller and guarantee every one sold directly from us globally.