Does the state you live in affect how much your vapes will cost?  Absolutely!  Different states charge a different amount of additional tax on vapor products that is specific to the state you reside in.  Many states do not have an excise tax on vapor products, whereas many states like Minnesota have insane taxes (95% of the products wholesale cost) that more less are designed to push vapers back to traditional cigarettes.  Some states may charge flat percentage whereas other states have highly complex systems that vary according to nicotine content or wholesale cost.  Here is a comprehensive list of electronic cigarettes taxes per state, as of March 2022:

Alabama no tax No
Alaska no tax No
Arizona no tax No
Arkansas no tax No
California 56.93% wholesale No
Colorado 35% manufacturer list price No
Connecticut 10% wholesale open, $0.40/ml closed No
Delaware $0.05/ml No
District of Columbia 80% wholesale No
Florida no tax No
Georgia 0.05/ml closed replaceable cartridge, 7% wholesale open & wholesale single-use closed Yes
Hawaii no tax No
Idaho no tax No
Illinois 15% wholesale Yes
Indiana no tax No
Iowa no tax No
Kansas $0.05/ml Yes
Kentucky 15% wholesale open, $1.50/cartridge closed Yes
Louisiana $0.05/ml No
Maine 43% wholesale Yes
Maryland 12% of retail, 60% of retail on 5ml or more No
Massachusetts 75% wholesale Yes
Michigan no tax No
Minnesota 95% wholesale No
Mississippi no tax No
Missouri no tax No
Montana no tax No
Nebraska no tax No
Nevada 30% wholesale Yes
New Hampshire 8% wholesale open, $0.30/ml closed No
New Jersey 10% of retail open, $0.10/ml closed No
New Mexico 12.5% of wholesale open, $0.50/cartridge closed Yes
New York 20% retail Yes
North Carolina $0.05/ml No
North Dakota no tax No
Ohio $0.10/ml No
Oklahoma no tax No
Oregon 65% wholesale Yes
Pennsylvania 40% wholesale Yes
Rhode Island no tax No
South Carolina no tax No
South Dakota no tax No
Tennessee no tax No
Texas no tax No
Utah 56% wholesale Yes
Vermont 92% wholesale Yes
Virginia $0.066/ml No
Washington $0.09/ml open, $0.27/ml closed Yes
West Virginia $0.075/ml Yes
Wisconsin $0.05/ml Yes
Wyoming 15% wholesale No


If you are alarmed at any of these numbers you should definitely contact your elected officials.