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We stock over 500 variants of EBDesign, formally known as Elfbar, including the hard to find limited edition flavors.  We also stock the exclusive but discontinued Pod King x Elf Bar collaboration.

Due to FDA bans on inbound Elf Bar Shipments, the company has re-branded several times including:

EB Design (TE5000, BC5000, TE6000, BC5000 Thermal Edition, CR5000)

Lost Mary (OS5000, MO5000, MO5000 Luster Edition, OS5000 Black Gold Edition, BM5000)

Funky Republic (Ti7000, Fi3000) 

Permanently Discontinued include:

BC5000 Ultra Edition

XC6500 Pod King x Elfbar Edition



We only stock authentic Elf Bars, and all Elf Bars including collaborations have an anti-counterfeit sticker on the side of the box which can be verified at the manufacturer's website here.