Mints Vape Brand 120ml E-Liquid (2 x 60ml Bottles) | 6 Minty Flavors!

$ 11.95

Mints Vape Co, by Verdict Brands in California, has developed a line based entirely around mint flavors.  Not to be confused with regular "Menthol" flavors, these are true icy, minty flavors made in the USA using only the highest quality USA sourced ingredients.  Each Mints Vape Co box contains 2 convenient 60ml unicorn squeeze bottles of 70/30 VG/PG, Natural & Artificial Flavors, and Tobacco-Free Nicotine.  Here's a full Mints Vape Co flavor list, which we carry 

  • Applemint: Red Delicious Apple, Rall's Janet Apple, and Icy Mint
  • Chocomint: Chocolate Mint with a hint of menthol
  • Lemonmint: Sweet Sicilian Lemons with an icy cool finish
  • Peppermint: Deep, sweet candy-cane peppermint with icy sweet exhale
  • Spearmint: Spearmint gum flavored 
  • Wintergreen: The strongest Wintergreen E-Liquid on the market with a sweet icy finish


What's In The Box?

2 x 60ml Bottles of Verdict Brands Mints Vape Co E-Liquid in 6mg or 3mg Strength


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