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Coastal Clouds E-Liquid | 60ml | 3% | 6%

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Coastal Clouds is a premium e-liquid crafted in California, packaged in a 60ml Unicorn bottle and is offered in both 3% and 6% nicotine levels.  Coastal Clouds makes around 3 dozen flavors and we are currently stocking the most popular flavors by customer request.  If there's a flavor you wish to request please reach out to our sales team.  Here's a current listing of our Coastal Clouds Flavors:

  • Apple Peach Strawberry (apples, peaches, & strawberries)
  • Apple Watermelon (Watermelon and Apple) 
  • Blood Orange Mango (mangos, sweet blood oranges, & tart lemon & limes) 
  • Blueberry Banana (blueberries & sweet bananas)
  • Blueberry Limeade (limeade infused with blueberries)
  • Carmel Brulèe (rich caramel flavor with sweet cream flavors)
  • Iced Mango Berries (mangos, strawberries, & kiwis with a cooling menthol finish)
  • Maple Butter (sweet maple with creamy butter)
  • Melon Berries (watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew) 
  • Mixed Berries (boysenberries, raspberries, & green apples)
  • Peach Tea (peach nectar & iced tea)
  • Strawberry Kiwi (strawberries & kiwi) 
  • Tres Leches (rich caramel, & sweet cream with a buttery finish)
  • Watermelon Cream (watermelon & sweet cream


What's In The Box?

1 X Coastal Clouds 60ml Bottle in 3% or 6% Strength

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