Aspire Nautilus Mini Metal Replacement T Tank with Glass Window

$ 9.95

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Replace your original Aspire Nautilus Mini glass tank with the new "T" type tank that combines the best of both worlds.  The stainless steel metal tank protects from drops and shock, whereas the glass on the interior provides outstanding flavor and re-usability.

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Francisco Perez
Thank you for stocking these!

Nautilus Mini Metal Replacement T Tank Are hard to find. I will come back and come back if you continue to stock it. Thank you.

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Carey Shea

I received my T tanks, that I could not find any where else, from Big D Vapors. They arrived in just a few days. Thank you so much!

Rue Yonker
t tank

I ordered the t tanks but was told they could not locate them in the warehouse. Was asked if I would take a tribal design instead, I said OK. I should not have OKed that because I use e liquid with no nicotine that is clear so it's hard to see liquid level. Lesson learned the hard way.

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