Aspire Releases Platinum Kit March 03 2015

In December, Big D Vapor released the Aspire Sub Ohm Atlantis Combo, but this week Aspire has introduced what is essentially the same kit with some minor modifications  Essentially, just like our kit it includes the 2000 mah CF Sub Ohm Battery coated in carbon fiber, the Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Atomizer, 5 extra Atlantis Replacement Coils, and the 450mah USB Fast Charger.

However, that's where the differences stop.  In the Platinum Kit, Aspire has added the Hollowed-Out Atlantis Replacement Tank and a leather holster and those are essentially the only differences:

We anticipate these kits hitting the market in late March, early April and in standard Aspire fashion being sold out quickly and then eventually saturated as they grow in popularity.  Since we have this kit available today, we won't bring in a ton of these.  Also, this kit will initially only be available in black to test the market and we have set ours up with the option to choose from silver, black, red, or blue.  We also have the hollowed-out replacement tank available for under $10 so that leaves one component missing other than the gift box, which is the black leather holster (or what Asia has affectionately labeled "vape scabbard").  In our opinion, the leather pouch is not going to make much difference to many consumers, but we will still bring in the Platinum Kit for those that want to be the first kid on the block to have one.  We think it may have been more prudent to make a pouch incorporating the carbon fiber film popular in their CF Series Batteries but China will be China.  Maybe if they see this newsletter we will see a carbon fiber pouch available very soon.  Be looking for this kit soon!