Innokin Releases the MVP 3.0 with 30 Watts of Power and Lots of New Improved Features January 26 2015

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The iTaste MVP3.0 is the newest in the line of internationally bestselling iTaste MVP vaporizers and sets the standard for top quality, high capacity, powerful and smart advanced personal vaporizers and E-Cigarette.

Designed and upgraded based on feedback from vapers, top reviewers and friends from all over the world, The iTaste MVP3.0 is more powerful with a maximum output of 30 Watts and can fire a wide range of coil resistances from .4 to 2.5 ohms.

Made with the highest quality materials, the iTaste MVP3.0 is designed to be your powerful and reliable everyday vape. Initially available in four sleek designs the iTaste MVP3.0 has a flush 510 thread connection with a gold plated spring loaded positive pin, durable stainless steel threading and an included ego threading adaptor for maximum compatibility.

The large OLED screen clearly displays all important information including tank-coil resistance (ohm), wattage & voltage and remaining battery power. The intelligent two button interface makes it easy to quickly find and set precise power output to give you a perfect vape of flavor and clouds. Pushing the two buttons together displays the secondary screen with an ohms meter, battery level indicator and puff counter.

You should never have to wait to vape and the iTaste MVP3.0 is charged via a side micro-USB port and features Innokin's "Vape while charging" technology so you can always be vaping.

Advanced safety features including 15 second firing cutoff, low voltage warning, atomizer short circuit protection and over-discharge protection mean you can vape with confidence.

You can use the MVP3.0's high capacity internal battery to charge your electronic devices via the replaceable integrated micro-USB charging cable or USB port

The iTaste MVP3.0 has a variable voltage range of 3.0 - 9.0 Volts, adjustable in 0.1 volt increments, and a variable wattage range of 6.0 - 30.0 Watts, adjustable in 0.5 watts increments. The iTaste MVP3.0 uses vRMS DC current and is very accurate with a power deviation of 0.1 Watt. The full 30 Watt output is precisely maintained between resistances of 0.4 to 2.5 ohms. There is no wasted power and exact accuracy means you are always vaping the power level that you choose. vRMS provides superior precision in delivering the exact wattage Ohm's Law requires and stable power means better vapor.

Arrival at Big D Vapor and all Authorized Innokin Vendors of the iTaste MVP3.0 will be in early February 2015.

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