New York Times says Vape Pens are Fashionable July 11 2014

vape pen

In a New York Times Style piece puzzlingly entitled “For Vaporizers, Smoke Means Fire,” which is a phrase truly meaningless in this context, intrepid trend reporting discovered that vaporizer pens are — gasp! — fashionable. What’s more, getting high is so common, that it falls under the banner of “lifestyle.”

“Hip-hop artists like Wiz Khalifa rap about them regularly,” the piece matter-of-factly opens (seriously), before detailing how couture vape pens are currently being designed by and marketed with lucrative celeb partnerships in mind.

“Snoop was my number one,” said the founder of the company that manufactures G Pens. “We wanted it to be more than a licensing deal, we wanted a lifelong partnership.”

Yeah, we’re sure Snoop is going to hook you up with concert tickets for life, bro. After realizing he could launch his product at trade shows and make deals to sell in skate shops (head shops were last year’s trend piece), Chris Folkerts realized he could design chic pieces to be flaunted in public. Then the New York Times Style section found its next great accessory to obsess over until we all hate ourselves:

Like any great accessory, a flashy vaporizer pen can be a conversation starter. But if you pull one out, be prepared to share. “When you get a compliment on your scarf, you don’t say, ‘Oh, here, try it on,’” Mr. Folk