Intelligent Living Inc. (ILIV) Announces LOI With KandyPens Inc. March 01 2014

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 28, 2014) - Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQBILIV) stated that it had signed a Letter of Intent to acquire the assets of KandyPens Inc. ( KandyPens is actively engaged in the design and marketing of its flagship product called the SkyCloud multifunctional vaporizer pen.

According to recent Mashable and New York Times articles on the vaporizer business: "The (vaporizer) trend has taken off among young New York and Silicon Valley elites, the types of people for whom 'DJ and antique furniture restorer' is a reasonable job title, for whom purchasing a $250 or $400 vaporizer is not unlike an extra $10 per month for Spotify Premium. Some consumers want a different experience, and they're willing to pay for it." The article continued to say, "Soon enough, it seems your vaporizer will say much about you as your choice of pocket square for a Brooklyn whiskey swap."

Graham Gibson, CEO of KandyPens, said: "I am extremely pleased and excited to be joining Intelligent Living Inc. We see the SkyCloud as the most cutting edge vaporizer pen in its vertical. The SkyCloud addresses a desired need in the market today, with the ability to be used for dry tobacco, concentrates, and e-liquid, on top of the obvious recreational and medicinal uses of our product. With Intelligent Living's focus on eHealth and Wellness we believe that we will be able to properly develop the market for KandyPens."

Smoke-free delivery systems have exploded in popularity with nutraceutical users in recent years, with vaporizer pens, throat sprays, oral capsules, edibles and other innovations replacing pipes and cigarettes altogether for many patients. These breakthroughs deliver the same therapeutic effects of the herbs and extracts without the potential dangers and restrictions associated with smoking. Luxury vaporizers are currently marketed as a lifestyle product as well as a health product.

"We are pleased to begin an acquisition cycle of KandyPens Inc. They are the innovative business we've been looking for within the vaporizing category," said Victoria Rudman, CEO of Intelligent Living Inc. "Along with the Health and Beyond brand, we're bringing in a stable of cutting-edge products that are designed to appeal to serious nutraceutical patients seeking better, easier, and more effective treatment. KandyPens will run as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intelligent Living Inc."

More information on KandyPens can be found on The SkyCloud is available now for pre-order at via its IndieGoGo pre-order campaign. A fully functional, cutting-edge website will be launching in April 2014.

"The SkyCloud is going to become one of the many great revenue opportunities we have within the strategies that we have begun to unfold within Intelligent Living. KandyPens also brings us an incredible talent in Graham Gibson who will be joining us as our VP of Marketing upon our completing this acquisition. His background is quite impressive and I would encourage people to review his biography on," Josh Eikov, CSO of Intelligent Living said.

About Intelligent Living Inc.:

Intelligent Living Inc. operates as a development stage company focused on the ever-expanding eHealth and eCommerce markets. Its segments include exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental acuity testing and training, through our newly acquired subsidiaries MIND360 Studios, and Health and Beyond Nutra Company. Intelligent Living Inc., based in Florida, is a health and wellness company engaged in the development of software and technology to aid in age management and cognitive health. The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person's quality and function of daily living over a span of many years.