Steve Forbes Says eCig Bans Should go up in smoke! January 28 2014

E-Cig Bans Should Go Up In Smoke

Electronic Cigarette Inhalation

Electronic Cigarette Inhalation (Photo credit: planetc1)


New York City, Chicago and other parts of the country are banning electronic cigarettes anywhere smoking is prohibited. The nanny state ninnies pushing this are doing a severe disservice to folks who are trying to stop smoking or want the pleasure of seeming to smoke without doing it. These devices simulate smoking by vaporizing a liquid that may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the “smoker’s” preference. They aren’t traditional cigarettes, and the vapor isn’t smoke.

This mindless attack against e-cigarettes is reminiscent of the assaults against smokeless tobacco. Masticating tobacco is repulsive and harmful, but, again, it’s a small beer compared with cigarettes. However, such distinctions are lost on the growing ranks of behavioral dictators.


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