Space Ultra M5 Disposable 5500 Puff Rechargeable Vape 5%

$ 14.95

The Space Ultra M5 is the latest from the company that makes Pod King and Space Max, and it contains the same flavors as their popular XC5000 collaboration with Elfbar (EBDesign).  The Space Ultra M5 features a 13ml reservoir with 5500 puffs, adjustable airflow, a mesh coil, and a USB Type-C fast charge port.  The finish is soft touch which not only feels nice but keeps the device from sliding off of smooth surfaces.  The Space Ultra M5 is available in 5% nicotine (50mg) in the following flavors:

  • Blue Razz Fab (Blue Raspberry x Mystery Flavor)
  • Dragonfruit Fab (Dragon Fruit x Mystery Flavor)
  • Fresh Mint (Icy Mint)
  • Peach Fab (Peach x Mystery Flavor)
  • Pina Fab (Pina Colada x Mystery Flavor)
  • Straw Fab (Strawberry x Mystery Flavor)


What's In the Box?

1 x Space Ultra M5 Rechargeable Disposable Vape | 5% Strength | 13ml


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Johanna Scheibel
Quality Product

Good product, taste and smell. Battery does need more charging as time goes on.

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