Playboy E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Playboy E-Cigarette Starter Kit

$ 19.95

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These Electronic Cigarettes from Playboy feature the look of real cigarettes and the benefits of no combustion.  Rather than having to mess with e-liquids, these have easy to change cartridges that contain the nicotine.  The battery, which features a glowing LED tip, can put out 400 puffs per charge despite it's "cigarette like" size.  Each kit contains one battery, two pre-loaded flavor cartridges, and a USB charger all packaged together in a Playboy E-Cigarette pack.


All starter kits come in 18mg Nicotine, which is roughly equivalent to a light cigarette.  The two exceptions are the Ultralight which is 8mg and the Bold Tobacco which is 24mg.


What's in the box?

1 x Playboy Branded E-Cig Pack

1 x Rechargeable Battery

1 x USB Charger

2 x Flavor Cartridges 

Check out the product demonstration here:

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