Katady K-Power EPOWER 2 - 2200 mAh Mod and Powerbank only $35.95

Katady K-Power EPOWER 2 | 2200mah Powerbank Mod

$ 35.95

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The Katady E-Power 2 is a 510/eGo threaded device that's beautiful and packed with features. It doesn't look or operate like your conventional E-cigs, with it's sleek iPhones style design and useful feature set. One of these useful features is the ability to use the E-Power 2 as a PPB (Portable Power Bank) enabling you to charge various devices like an iphone or an ego battery. It also comes with variable voltage adjustable from 3-5v (indicated by 6 color LED display) and has a 2200mah battery, which is more than enough battery to keep even the heaviest vapers going all day. On top of all these features the E-Power 2 can also be used as a passthrough while charging, meaning you never have to go without. This device is a great alternative to a standard eGo battery with a protective cover for the 510/eGo threading, meaning that connection damages are a thing of the past. This device is recommended to be used with atomizers that are 1.8ohms or higher for best performance.

How to Change Voltage Or Turn Unit Off:

  1. If unit is off click the side fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on
  2. Once the unit is on click the button three times to enter Voltage setting mode
  3. Click once to change voltage (it is color coded with corresponding colors ranging from 3.0 to 5.0v). Keep pressing the button one click to move up in voltage. Once it reaches the end (5.0v) your next click will cycle around to lowest setting (3.0v)
  4. To turn the unit off you cannot click five times like you normally might think you would do. You have to click three times to go into Voltage setting mode. Then press in the button for a full two seconds and the unit will turn off.


  • 5 click power on and firing button on the side
  • 2200mah power bank
  • Charges on your USB port on your computer. Flip the 3 foot cord around to use the Multi-device-connector and attach to the regular USB port and provide power to other mobile devices such as your android phone, MP3 player or even another PV
  • Acts as a pass-through when you are charging it! This means you can still vape while it is charging.
  • Indicator lights atop the unit indicate charging status - red when charging and blue when fully charged. Ir requires 5-6 hours for a full charge from empty.
  • Short circuit protection built in
  • Low battery voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection
    • Light blue - 3.0v
    • Orange - 3.3v 
    • Green - 3.7v
    • Purple - 4.2v
    • Dark blue - 4.6v
    • Red - 5.0v


  • Black OR White high gloss lacquered finish cased 2200mah EPOWER 2 Variable unit. 
  • 3 foot USB to Multi-Connector cord
  • Velveteen drawstring carrying pouch
  • Thorough easy-to-read manual
  • Comes packaged in nice gift box with foam insert
  • Outside eGo threads to use most eGo clearomizers without the need for additional adapters. It is of course also 510 threaded.

Please be aware that the unit has a protective plastic film on all surfaces so if the unit appears scratched just remove the plastic film.


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