Katady ePower 3 | 3400mah Mod & Powerbank with 4G Flash Memory

Katady ePower 3 | 3400mah Mod & Powerbank with 4G Flash Memory

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This amazingly small unit (the size of an iPhone but slightly thicker) packs an amazing 3400mah Lithium Polymer under the hood that can be used for vapor (Ego/510 thread), a power supply (this will recharge my iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 4 completely), a flash memory card (4 Gigabytes of memory built in), and is beautiful to boot.  Finished in a gloss black or alpine white with silver through the center, it has both a mini USB input for charging and accessing on-board memory and a full size USB for output.  A small digital screen has a plethora of options including:

Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage (3 Watts - 25 Watts), Puff Counter, Atomizer Detector, Automatic or Manual vapor output, Mobile Power Output, and more.  If you leave it on and are not using it, it automatically goes to sleep.  Simply click it five times to turn it on and go through the menu, one click to vaporize.

What's in the Box?: 

1pcs ePOWER 3 (3400Mah) 
1pcs ePower Usb Line
1pcs Manual
1pcs Gift box
1pcs Beauty ring


  • 3400 mah battery
  • 15w max
  • 1 to 5 ohm coil capability
  • 4g flash memory
  • OLED screen
  • Displays ohms, volts, watts, voltage output, and puff count
  • 3 to 6v output
  • Size: 108.5mm x 48.5mm x 16.5mm


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