Kanger Nickel Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) 5 Pack

Kanger Nickel Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) 5 Pack

$ 12.95

The pure nickel wire (Ni-200) coils have been designed to work with temperature sensing mods that feature the DNA 40 board and have an incredibly low resistance of 0.15 ohm.  These also feature Organic Japanese Cotton (OCC) and are easily identified by their blue color (standard OCC coils are red).  Sold in packages of 5 pieces.

What's in the box?

5 x Kanger OCC Pure Nickel Coils 0.15 Ohm

These coils are compatible with Kanger Subtank, Subtank Mini, and Subtank Nano but will NOT WORK with devices that cannot drive a 0.15 Ohm load or do not have temperature sensing capabilities.

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