Innokin iTaste EP Starter Kit with iClear 16 Tanks & Charger

Innokin iTaste EP Starter Kit with iClear16 Tanks & Charger

$ 29.95

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This beautiful, underpriced starter kit from Innokin is an unbelievable value.  Granted, it's a basic starter kit single voltage vaporizer pen, but it looks and performs better than round style pens that are twice the cost.  First, it's rectangular rather than round, which basically means no more rolling off the table.  You set it down and it stays there... nice.  Secondly, it's got a matching pen cap with a faux-diamond accent on the clip.  It comes with everything you need except for liquid.  It includes a couple of Innokin iClear10 tanks (pre-set at a low 1.5 Ohms) and a USB charger. This kit also has some features typically only found on costlier kits, such as a battery unit with short circuit protection, low battery protection, over-vaping cut off (after 10 seconds), and an LED battery display (Green=Good, Yellow=Time to charge, Red=You've got one or two tokes left!).  It also has quick on / off selection by pressing the main button five times within two seconds.  It's 700 mAh, but because it's lithium polymer it still creates respectable vapor power in conjunction with its included super low resistance coils.  It would give a traditional 900mah Pen style battery a run for its money.  You really can't find much else in the market that beats this product's reliability & aesthetics at this price point.  We currently stock the EP in Black, White, Silver, Purple, and Blue.  If you need the red I can bring it in, but it may take an additional 1-2 days to process your order.  Here are the specifics:


What's in the box?


  • 700mAh Battery Capacity
  • 3.5V Battery Voltage Output
  • 1.5Ω Low Resistance Atomizers
  • Available in six clean colors
  • Pen cap with diamond
  • iClear10 clearomizer
  • Low Voltage battery protection
  • 10-second safety cutoff
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 1 x iTaste EP Battery
  • 2 x iClear10 Clearomizers
  • 1 x USB Smartcharger
  • 1 x User Manual

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