IJOY AVENGER 270 MOD with Voice Control

IJOY AVENGER 270 MOD with Voice Control

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07/29/2019:  Only One Left in stock in Silver!

The Avenger 270, by iJOY, is the first mod ever to include voice control.  This dual 20700 battery powered device features multiple temperature control modes, 234 watts of power to drive loads as low as 0.05 ohms, user selectable color illumination, and even a music color mode (color goes with the beat of the music being played around it).  A large, bright screen shows all pertinent information including wattage, voltage, battery life, and more.  Voice controls allow you to adjust wattage, set lighting / illumination settings, music color and lock mode all hands free.  Because the 20700 battery is hard to find, an 18650 adaptor is included to use regular 18650 cells.  A micro USB cable is also included for quick charging via the front port.  The firmware is upgradable via the USB cable as well.  The Avenger 270 is available (currently) in matte black, metallic rainbow, metallic green, and metallic purple.

NOTE:  Pictured with tank, but this is the mod only, the tank is not included.

ijoy Avenger 270 Mod

Avenger Mod Voice Control

Avenger 270 Voice Control mod by iJoy


What's In The Box?

1 x iJoy Avenger 270 Mod

1 x 20700 to 18650 Battery Adaptor

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

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