eLiquid - Triple Apple 30 mL

eLiquid - Triple Apple 30 mL

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Triple Apple has the double apple flavor familiar to hookah fans plus Granny Smith Apple added for a super apple flavor.  Caution:  Will make any room smell delicious and inviting.

All Big D Vapor liquids are made using only food grade, USP certified, Kosher Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.  We proudly make our eLiquids in the USA, using all USA sourced materials, including our nicotine.  We use a proprietary blend of PG vs. VG, a much stronger percentage of all natural flavor, and a sterile, clean room environment.  Our liquids only come in glass bottle with a convenient narrow tipped medicine dropper bulb.  All of our fluids come with a tamper-resistant shrink wrapped bottle neck.  We steep our blends for a minimum of 10 days before sale to the public to ensure a perfect taste, and all of our fluids have a "born on" date.  Our ingredients are natural, we never use oil-based flavorings, we only use water based flavorings.  All of our liquid is diacetyl free and oil free.  Each batch is mixed in a scientific magnetic stirrer, mixed with sterile syringes, and blended in glass beakers to ensure a consistent and delicious flavor every time.  These 30 mL bottles are available in the following strengths:

0mg Nicotine

3mg Nicotine

6mg Nicotine

12mg Nicotine

18mg Nicotine

24mg Nicotine



Do you have a special flavor, nicotine, wholesale, or bulk purchase request?  Please contact us at info@bigdvapor.net and we will respond to your request as quickly as possible!

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