Ego-T Starter Vaporizer with battery, tank, and charger Only $12.95!

$ 12.95

The Ego-T vaporizer is a very affordable and reliable starter model that includes a 600 mah battery, a refillable tank, and a USB charger with LED indicator.  This is one of the most popular starter electronic cigarettes in the world and replacement parts for it are readily available just about anywhere e-cig's are legal.


  • 5 Click On/Off to prevent accidental turn on in pocket or purse 
  • 510/Ego threading to accept a wide variety of aftermarket tanks
  • Refillable CE 4 tank
  • LED smart charger that will turn green once fully charged, red while charging, and will not overcharge
  • Battery safe technology prevents over discharge of the battery

Available in Black with Smoke colored tank, Red with red tank, Pink with pink tank, Blue with blue tank, or Silver with Clear tank.  Also available in a store pack that features one of each color ($15 off).


What's in the box?

1 x 600 mah Ego-T Battery

1 x USB Smart Charger with LED indicator

1 x CE4 Refillable Tank

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E-GO T Starter Kit
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