Atom gCeramic Coils for Aspire Tanks (4 Pack)

Atom gCeramic Coils for Aspire Tanks (4 Pack)

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The gCeramic coils, from Atom Vapes, feature a medical grade porous ceramic material wrapped around the Nickel-Chrome (NiChrome) heating coil.  What this means is longer life (up to 1 month per coil), no burnt flavor, and no cotton whatsoever in the construction. The NiChrome coil is vertical in configuration (VCC).  This coil by far produces more flavor than any other coil that's ever been offered for the Aspire tank series.

The exterior of these coils are plated in 24 karat gold for ultimate conductivity, and at the base of the coil there is an adjustable pin for mods with finicky connections.  With the ceramic coil heads, you should expect increased flavor, increased life, and NO DRY HITS!

User Tip:  Let your juice soak into the ceramic coil for a full five minutes before hitting the vape button.  This will allow the ceramic coil to fully absorb the e-liquid, as the break takes a little longer than with cotton coils.  These coils are rated for 25 to 100 watts, but the sweet spot is around 40 watts.

These ceramic coils will fit the Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Triton, Triton 2, Atlantis Mega, or any other tank using the Atlantis Coil (Amigo Donner, Herakles, Amigo Riptide, iJust 2, Melo, Starre Tank, Tobeco Super Tank, Maganus, etc).  Resistance is 0.9 Ohms (some of the initial boxes say 0.5 ohm on the front but if you look at the bottom it says 0.9 Ohms).


What's in the Box?

4 x Atom Vapes gCeramic VCC Coils for Aspire Tanks

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