3% 30MG Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max | 2000 Puff Disposable | Made in the USA

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MARCH 2022:  The manufacturer is working on a newer version so these will be discontinued, please stock up if it's one of your favorites.

The Vape Pen Max, by Dinner Lady e-Liquids, is the first USA-made disposable featuring e-Liquid from the U.K.  Dinner Lady is a very famous brand of e-Liquid that for once is not made in China and is now available in a very convenient disposable format.  With a 1000mah battery and 6.5ml juice reservoir, this pen for some can puff up to 2000 hits but is advertised as 1500.  It is designed with an aluminum case, medical-grade organic cotton, and is tested to be leak-free at any altitude or humidity level.   30mg salt nicotine (3%) is the standard and is available in eight delicious flavors, here is a definitive Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Disposable Flavor List:

  • Banana Ice  (Banana and vanilla cream with a cool finish)
  • Bubblegum Ice (Berry, Bubblegum, with cool finish)
  • Citrus Ice (A fusion of lemon, lime, and orange with a cool finish)
  • Fruit Mix (Red berries, grapes, currents, citric fruits with a cool finish)
  • Lemon Sherbets Ice (Sweet and sour sherbet with a cool finish)
  • Lemon Tart (Lemon Tart with a butter biscuit crust, notes of meringue)
  • Mango Ice (Sweet mango with a cool finish)
  • Strawberry Ice (Strawberry Coconut Macaroon with a cool finish)
  • Strawberry Macaroon (Strawberry Coconut Macaroon)


What's In The Box?

1 x Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max 1500 Puff 3% Disposable Vape Pen

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