Suorin Air Kit - Ultra Compact E-Cig

Suorin Air Kit - Ultra Compact E-Cig

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The Air Kit, by Suorin, is a tiny business card sized e-cig that features a compact cartridge that holds 2 ml of E-Liquid and a built in battery (400mah).  This kit is ridiculously easy to use, simply take a drag to activate.  There are no on/off switches, adjustable controls, or settings.  Simply charge and vape, a perfect starter kit for those who don't want a complicated device.  This easily fits in a shirt pocket and can last throughout the day under normal use.  An LED displays remaining battery life and the cartridges can be easily refilled in seconds.  Each kit includes a micro-usb cable for charging.  These are ruggedly designed and have an aluminum body. The Suorin air kits are available in Black, Navy Blue, Red, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Gold, or Silver.

We also have Suorin Air Pods (Cartridges) available here.

Suorin Air Kit


What's In The Box?

1 x Suorin Air Starter Kit Vaporizer

1 x Suorin Air Cartridge (2ml)

1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x Set of Instructions

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