LeMax Nicotine Pouches

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LeMax® Nicotine pouches are an easy on the go product that allows you to enjoy tobacco free nicotine.  The all white pouches contain natural fibers, inert delivery compounds, tobacco-free nicotine, and natural flavoring for delicious nicotine delivery.  Simply place one pouch under your lip and use until your nicotine desire is sated.  These products are great for individuals travelling, with nothing being inhaled or exhaled.  LeMax® tobacco free pouches are available in 7 amazing tasting flavors. 

Synthetically derived nicotine is produced in a sterile lab environment and is 100% free of any tobacco products, commonly referred to as "Tobacco Free Nicotine".   Great for areas where vaping is not allowed.

Note:  The nicotine content on the label can be quite confusing.  Each pouch is 8mg of nicotine, and there is a total of 160 milligrams per can.  This is approximately equivalent to one cigarette per pouch.



Strawberry: offers a sweet summer dessert with ripe, juicy strawberries full of sweet creamy 

Citrus: offers a nice, fresh taste of citrus fruitsExperience aromas from orange and lemon grass that give this nicotine product its fruity and fresh flavor. 

Lemon: offers a crisp and sweet tangy lemonade.  Sweet, tangy lemon flavors and a perfect lemon drop flavor experience.

Wintergreen: offers a crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor that's pleasant and relaxing. 

Spearmint: offers a cool, sweet flavor experience. This combination gives you a warming yet cooling sensation under your lip. 

Coffee: offers a classic flavor that enables nicotine absorbtion with stimulating coffee flavoring.

Green Apple: offers an incredible flavor experience reminiscent of fresh cut Granny Smith apples.


What's in the Can?

20 X LeMax® Tobacco Free Flavored Pouches 8mg each (160mg total)

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