18650 Mod Battery & Charger Starter Kit Combo

18650 Mod Battery & Charger Starter Kit Combo

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This mod combo features 2 high drain 18650 batteries with 40 Amps of power each from Aspire PLUS a fully digital smart charger from Nitecore, the i2 Intellicharger . 

The ICR 18650's from Aspire feature high drain / high amperage capability, 1800mah of available capacity, and a super low internal resistance of 11.1 milliohms.  What does this mean in plain English?  These batteries are capable of driving Sub Ohm loads (<1.0 Ohms) under very high wattage conditions without failing.  These are perfect for Mechanical Mods, High Wattage Mods, and setups with rebuildable atomizers (RBA's).  The retail value of these two cells is $30, and you can find their full specification here.

The i2 Intellicharger from Nitecore is an intelligent smart charger that automatically recognizes battery type, capacity, and size - then charges the cell accordingly. This charger has dual slots for charging two batteries at a time, can charge multiple sizes of battery simultaneously, and shuts down automatically once the charge cycle is complete.  You can even safely charge two different size / different capacity batteries at once!  For full specification on the Nitecore i2, click here.

What's in the Box?

2 x Aspire ICR 18650 40A Lithium Ion Batteries

1 x Nitecore i2 Intellicharger Dual Channel Lithium Ion Smart Charger

1 x AC Adaptor Cable

1 x Instruction Manual for Charger

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