Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max | 2000 Puff Disposable | Made in the USA

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The Vape Pen Max, by Dinner Lady e-Liquids, is the first USA-made disposable featuring e-Liquid from the U.K.  Dinner Lady is a very famous brand of e-Liquid that for once is not made in China and is now available in a very convenient disposable format.  With a 1000mah battery and 6.5ml juice reservoir, this pen for some can puff up to 2000 hits but is advertised as 1500.  It is designed with an aluminum case, medical-grade organic cotton, and is tested to be leak-free at any altitude or humidity level.   50mg salt nicotine (5%) is the standard and is available in eight delicious flavors, here is a definitive Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max Disposable Flavor List:

  • Banana Ice  (Banana and vanilla cream with a cool finish)
  • Bubblegum Ice (Berry, Bubblegum, with cool finish)
  • Citrus Ice (A fusion of lemon, lime, and orange with a cool finish)
  • Fruit Mix (Red berries, grapes, currents, citric fruits with a cool finish)
  • Lemon Sherbets Ice (Sweet and sour sherbet with a cool finish)
  • Lemon Tart (Lemon Tart with a butter biscuit crust, notes of meringue)
  • Mango Ice (Sweet mango with a cool finish)
  • Strawberry Ice (Strawberry Coconut Macaroon with a cool finish)
  • Strawberry Macaroon (Strawberry Coconut Macaroon)


What's In The Box?

1 x Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max 1500 Puff 5% Disposable Vape Pen

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Andre Murray
Great customer service!

The owner and other employees are always polite and give great customer service definitely worth the [****] from where I live.

Bily Mccoy
Very good

Very good. Hits very good bit smooth

Michele Rodgers
Never received my order and can't look at it on web site

Please email me order tracking

Zois Damavolitis
Glad it’s made in USA

Flavor is ok. Wish there was a mint or Menthol flavor

Michelle Confer

Love that they are made in the states and not China

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